Books That Alter Destinies 

‘World’s best Mum’ presented to a mother from her children on Mother’s Day, would it provoke positive or negative emotions? Receiving this gift from my son and daughter, I knew for sure that I wasn’t the one, I’m not the world’s best mum by all means. However, I consider myself a good one. If I would state the one best thing I did for my children since they were born it would be, without any doubts, reading the book of the ‘7 habits of highly effective families’ and trying to put it into practice.  
Watching my children writing the values they wished our family stands for was one of the peak experiences I had. My boy was ten and my girl was seven, and despite their young age they selected profound values such as respect, love, care and happiness.
Respect became one of our activated values since then. It wasn’t limited to respecting each other while speaking, it enlarged to include respecting needs and wants, respecting privacy and giving space, respecting differences and opinions, respecting dreams and passions and a lot more.
Respect and trust became two deep roots of our family tree. We were able to respect each other’s privacy for example because we trusted each other. We enjoyed a safe environment because we trusted that in our family we were there for one other and mostly when we screw up. We found in each other a strong support system in sad and happy events and we were able to communicate and reflect on our bond referring to our family mission statement which became our compass in this world. 


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