Books That Alter Destinies 

Have you ever read a book that transformed your life? Not inspired you or helped you gain new insights, this isn’t what I mean. I’m talking about a book that changed your life and took it into a totally new direction or better say into a new level of living; a higher one. 
I’ve read over one hundred book, many of them were inspiring, some helped me adopt new paradigms and few weren’t worth reading, from my perspective, that I left them half read. 

Yet a handful of books transformed my life and made me a different person, someone truly different than the person I was before reading them. Change is difficult, replacing old habits by new ones is truly hard, yet these great authors did it, tapping on my mind and elevating the quality of my life.
How about sharing with us the titles of books that truly influenced your life and the names of their authors so that we explore their wisdom and reap their benefits? 


3 thoughts on “Books That Alter Destinies 

  1. Susan Jeffers: “feel the fear and do it anyway.”

    After reading that book I enrolled into college with my son who was sixteen at the time and we did the same course. And today because of that book I’m proud to say I’m no longer afraid to get up and do what I want.


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