Book That Alter Destiny

Books. I believe that books and me are great lovers. It’s hard to stumble upon me and find me not carrying a book, it’s a real addiction. Whenever I see a book I feel butterflies in my stomach. Visiting bookstores for me is like visiting fantasy land. 
Reflecting lately on my life I gave it a deep thought; why do I feel so enchanted by books? “Books are eternal, their impact never ends and their authors never die,” my soul whispered. “It isn’t about money, it isn’t about fame, it’s about influence and inspiration,” my heart added.
Reaching this conclusion I understood why I always dreamt of writing a book; to keep touching people’s lives and reaching their minds forever, even after my death. Now that my novel is about to get released I thought of the books I’ve read during the past years and the ones that affected me the most. Stephen R. Covey, John Gray, Robin Sharma, Dale Carnegie and many others were on the top of the list of the authors who influenced me the most. Whether they helped me change my paradigms, invited me to adopt new habits or enabled me to better understand other people, they all have one thing in common. They had affected my life positively and had a hand in my current state of happiness and fulfilment. 


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