The Footsteps That Paved My Path – Footstep 29

Terminating my series of ‘The footsteps that paved my path’ it took me a while to figure out the last footstep I’ll share.It was my father again, not like a surgeon this time nor like a community member yet like a parent. Though being extremely busy with his patients, his publications and his lectures, he made sure to take summer vacations on yearly basis that would last for months. During those long breaks we used to travel abroad as a family, visiting several countries and getting exposed to different cultures. These travels weren’t entertaining trips, they were educational trips, which I comprehended years later. Visiting a country for him wasn’t about hitting the capital and the touristic places, it was about exploring the country with its different cities, observing its citizens, appreciating its arts and getting truly in touch with its culture. I still remember how we, my sisters and me, used to complain from visiting museums, preferring beaches or shopping boutiques, while he remained focused and persistent in nurturing our minds and brining us up to respect other nations, to appreciate and celebrate differences and to understand that the world is truly large, way larger than our homeland.

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