The Footsteps That Paved My Path – Footstep 28

Sometimes It takes people one incident to touch your life. Whether they rescue you from danger, stand by your side kindly on a tough day or grant you a real service on a super busy period of life. The examples are actually limitless. But what if a person touches your life constantly, and seizes every single chance to put deposits of love, to help you, to stand by your side and to encourage you? And what if this same person does this not only with you but with any other person no matter their degree of relation? Would this person be considered a human being or he would be considered like a phenomena which needs to be studied?

This time the footstep didn’t leave a mark on my path cause it has many and it still inspires me. My eldest sister, Gihane, whom I consider my second mum, is not a normal person, she’s just a piece from heaven.

Though she had inspired me in several ways, I will share the best lesson I learned from her; celebrating other people’s successes. My dear sister would sacrifice her life to support people till they rise and excel, I’m not talking about relatives or friends, I’m talking about all people even strangers. No matter how tired, busy or down she is, she helps others genuinely and celebrates their successes as if it was hers. She finds her joy in lifting others up high using her shoulders as escalators for their achievements. Seeing others fulfilling their dreams fuels her to give more, to help more and to shine more.

From my sister I learned that I’m in no competition with anyone but myself. The only person I must compete with is me to keep developing and progressing. Yet when it comes to others, their success is mine cause we’re all partners on this planet and we all belong to the same family called humanity. 
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