The Footsteps That Paved My Path – Footstep 21

Why not dreaming big? This was a footstep on my path that pushed me to stretch my abilities and let the sky be the limits for my dreams. After practicing writing short stories for months I still felt a fire within; writing a novel was my dream. I decided to give it a try thinking that I have nothing to lose, and what would I lose by writing a novel and then keeping it in my drawer? This was how I started outlining my novel, intending to write it for myself just to pursue my dream. 

After outlining my novel it was about time to create my opening scene. I felt puzzled not knowing how to start. Reading about a workshop for fiction writing, I subscribed. On our first session the instructor investigated the reasons for which we applied for his course. On my turn he objected my intention of writing a novel for myself and encouraged me to dream big and publish it. Sharing his personal story in how the universe supported him with his first novel, he inspired me and I went back home filled with enthusiasm. 

Currently, while working on my final steps in publishing my novel, I feel grateful to my fiction instructor who taught me how to create my scenes, how to develop my writing skills by writing daily and most of all who urged me to dream big. 
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