The Footsteps That Paved My Path – Footstep 20

Are you alive? Are you aware of your existence? Are you living life on the surface or you’re immersing and plunging in it, living your days with passion and making each day count? Attending a conference last year for passionate people, I was a hit by these questions. Am I alive? Do my days count, and what if they don’t? Would I still be considered alive?

During the conference, the motivational speaker and founder of Passion to Profit encouraged the audience to live their lives with passion and dared them to take the challenge of the hundred days of passion. He explained that even five minutes would be enough on our super busy days. The main point was to live with passion every single day for a hundred days in a row.

Today I’m on my three hundred and thirty seventh day of passion. I had relaxed days and busy days. I had days when I was fit and others when I was sick. Days when I was overwhelmed and others when I wasn’t. After living a hundred days of passion I became addicted to the life of passion. I didn’t want to let any day slip or pass without being counted. I wished I was able to restart my life all over again to live it from its beginning till its end with passion. 

I treasure this footstep on my path which taught me that living with passion is a mindset and lifestyle that has nothing to do with financial resources, time, skills, physical abilities or circumstances. Passion is king and only a life with passion is worth living. 
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