The Footsteps That Paved My Path – Footstep 19

“Friends come and go but sisters are forever.” In 1985 my mother asked me if I would like to have a baby sister. My ‘No’ was spontaneous and sharp. And why would I wish to have another sister while I already had two elder sisters?Having a sister is having a lifetime friend. I consider this little sister, who’s ten years younger than me, my twin sister. For me she’s the best gift my mother ever offered me. Though I was upset when I knew that my mother was pregnant back then, I feel so grateful and blessed for having her. For the past two decades this younger sister became my life companion. Her listening skills are outstanding. She knows how to listen compassionately, how to sooth my soul and how to help me turn any negative circumstances into opportunities with her extraordinary problem solving skills. She’s always there for me, celebrating my happy events and tapping my shoulders on my hard ones. She’s funny, pleasant, supportive, caring, tender, smart and generous. 

Today, on her birthday, I’m sending her a message of love, of gratitude and of appreciation for her footsteps on my path. For me she’s a gift from heaven. 
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