The Footsteps That Paved My Path – Footstep 18

We met for the first time in March 2015 in a bookstore. It was my first time to join a Writing Workshop, a Creative Writing one. I was so excited to learn something new, unaware of the new life that was awaiting me around the corner. Listening to her instructions I picked my pen and started to scribble my first words. Class after the other I was surprised at my ability to write short paragraphs. Joining another workshop with her for Short Stories, I succeeded to write my first one-thousand-words story. Fascinated, I told her how I always doubted my abilities and how I spent many years not having the courage to write especially that I studied at a French school and my English isn’t good enough. Linda, wisely and kindly, assured me that it’s the writer’s thoughts that count and that there are editors for the language. With this sentence, Linda, my Writing instructor, crafted one of the footsteps that I treasure on my path. Since then I started to practice writing short stories and ended up passionately and confidently writing my first novel. 

I owe Linda a lot for her teachings, her guidance and her inspiration. Her passion for writing was contagious and her classes smoothly unlocked the writer in me. 
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