The Footsteps That Paved My Path – Footstep 16

Thinking of the many footsteps that directed my path I cherish this one which belongs to an outstanding lady. The longer she lives the more she shines. A person whom I consider a living example for how love never ends even when death reaps one of the lovers. I observe her with admiration and enjoy learning from her how to live with courage and how to turn mourning events into feasts.Though her husband, my great uncle, passed away after a long period of severe sickness, she accepted her fate with faith and lived her days serving him happily, celebrating that her lover was still alive. 

Despite his death, she invests every single chance to put deposits of love in our accounts; his family members, embracing us with love as if he’s still alive.

Inviting us for dinner on yearly basis to celebrate his birthday, she welcomes us cheerfully and turns the night into a joyful event. 

Asking her one day for the secret behind her cheerfulness and optimism, she explained how her husband’s love, who passed away more than seven years ago, still warm her up and how she feels him around, how she talks to him and hears him answering back, how she consults him and how he advises her, how she feels his existence in every corner of their marital house.

I consider this footstep a very unique and marvellous one, one I hadn’t encounter before. It demonstrates to me that: “Life ends, love doesn’t,” as Mitch Albom mentioned in one of his valuable books.  
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