The Footsteps That Paved My Path – Footstep 14

On my graduation from Mass Com the faculty organised a party to honour its top graduates. Watching the high performers one after the other getting rewarded I felt happy for them. Ending her speech, our professor mentioned that she has a special gift presented from her part, not from the faculty, to a student who got As in all her subjects along the three years in which she had taught our promotion. Hearing my name I was amazingly surprised. Though it was me who got As in all her subjects, I wasn’t aware that I was the only one till she mentioned it.
Years later I came across a quote that explained to me how my dear professor succeeded in stretching my abilities and making me perform and surpass some of my peers who were smarter and better learners; “Treat a man as he is, and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he could be, and he will become what he should be.” Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Dr. Shahinaz Basyouni had treated me like an A student and always encouraged me in her lectures to participate. And me, in return, I put serious effort studying the subjects she taught hoping not to fail her and wishing to be up to her expectations. 
I keep her precious gold pendant with my name written in pharaonic letters in the same red velvet box and I visit it from time to time to remind myself that I can always stretch my abilities and excel and most importantly that I can play a significant role in my students’ lives transforming them into what they ought to become. 
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