The Footsteps That Paved My Path – Footstep 12

Though I graduated from high school twenty four years ago, this footstep keeps inspiring me. It belongs to my Maths teacher. I never understood Maths like I did in his classes. The lessons with him were riddles for me and the homework was an entertaining game. In my final year at high school I was so worried from Physics and its complicated chapters and wished to be taught by him despite the fact that he was a Maths and not a Physics teacher. 
I decided to try my chances asking him to teach me Physics and he accepted to explain it to me with a group of my friends. For long months he had to study the subject and simplify it to us turning it into a comprehensible and enjoyable discipline. I felt comfortable having him teaching me and grateful as well. 
The night before my final assessment I faced difficulties solving some problems. I phoned him at home and asked for his help. Patiently he answered my questions one after the other, giving me examples and asking me to solve exercises and practice while he stayed on the line. He assured me that I had worked well during the school year and that I will do very well in the exam. I did get an A- and felt extremely satisfied with such result. 
Monsieur Maurice had taught me great life lessons not Maths and Physics. I believe his subjects were just tools he had used to reach his end in embedding in us, his pupils, profound and timeless values like respect, genuine care, commitment and responsibility. Thinking of him I always remember Einestine’s quote: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Monsieur Maurice taught me at a very early stage of my life the great value a person adds to other people’s lives when his vocation in life is aligned with his values and gifts.
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