The Footsteps That Paved My Path – Footstep 10

I carry deep gratitude to this footstep on my path, which is quite a large one that belongs to one of my colleagues. 

It was a couple of years ago when we started working together. He was hired to work as a teacher and I was the community and service leader. We worked together in a service project for the school which included staff from different fields of expertise. Being the leader in service for many years I insisted not to be the leader in this project to give the chance to someone else to lead. Though I had witnessed people who refuse to share their experience or their resources, I made up my mind to support my new colleague to the maximum and to help him shine as a leader. For me his success was my key success indicator. 

We synergised, leading a team of more than one hundred and fifty volunteers from staff to parents to alumni to primary, middle and high school students. The project turned out to be a blasting success and I felt great helping my colleague to unleash his potentials at the beginning of his career as an educator.

This same colleague, who now considers me his mentor, got me right after the project, as an act of gratitude, a planner called plan-it. And this plan-it was a turning point in my life. In March 2015 I wrote in it that I wish to take a writing course. I made it to three courses, started writing short stories and this led me to write my novel and launch my blog. 

I believe this was the law of Karma. I shared out openly my ten years of experience as a leader hoping to see my colleague successful and happy and the universe paid me back, sending me through him the very first thing that directed me to the magical word of creative writing. 

I bend in gratitude to this colleague who made my first year in my forties an unforgettable one with his priceless gift called ‘plan-it’.

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