The Footsteps That Paved My Path – Footstep 9

This time the footstep was bitter, however I cherish it on my path as it keeps me focused on what matters to me the most.
I was leading my seventy nine students in a community and service project; the first one I ever led. The project was huge, the students were young and we were all so challenged to do something beneficial for the community. With the work overload, I started to work at home during the afternoons and sometimes during the weekends believing that I was doing a holy mission. At the same time my daughter was six years old and used to practice ballet dancing. Having her cousin on the same team, I started to count on my sister to drive her to the trainings. Little by little my sister became totally responsible of my daughter while I was soaked in my students’ project. By the end of the school year my sister gave me a call and actually it was a wake up call that altered my personal life. Her words of wisdom still echo in my mind till now despite the ten years that had passed since then. “Don’t let your children consider you dead while you’re alive.” The sentence was shocking. My sister explained how she always enjoy to help yet noticing how my daughter depended totally on her for months in everything she needed made her decide to talk to me as soon as I was done with the project I was leading.
My sister with her sincere advice saved me and my family. Since then I work to the best I can during my working hours at school and have my time after work for my family and my personal life.

My sister helped me adjust my driving wheel and go back on my right track as a person who believes that family must always come first. 
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