The Footsteps That Paved My Path – Footstep 8

I love storytelling especially when the stories are real and delivering morale messages. One day I was in a social gathering when I met one of husband’s aunts and she told me a story that left a footprint on my path.Here is what she shared: “Your father was a great human being. I was at his clinic one evening when I noticed a child who looked very sick. On my turn I entered and excused him to let the girl take my turn. He asked me to stay and called her in. Examining her, he picked the phone and called his colleague who was a pediatrician and had a clinic at the same building. Receiving no reply he called him at home. The doctor explained that he already closed the clinic for this night and won’t come back. Your father yelled at his colleague reminding him with the oath he gave when he graduated from the School of Medicine, explaining that the girl’s condition was critical and she needed prompt care. The colleague arrived shortly, made what was required and saved the life of the diabetic girl. This colleague whom your father yelled at was the Ministry of Health back then.”

The oath. This is a footprint my father’s foot printed on my path. What are the oaths we give and to which extent we’re ready to sacrifice our comfort and walk extra miles for these pledges. I enjoy recalling this story from time to time to remind myself to take initiatives, to remain proactive and to seize any effort that would save a life or uplift a spirit. 
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