The Footsteps That Paved My Path – Footstep 7

This time my memory isn’t about one footstep that left an imprint on my journey. This time it’s about dozens of preteens’ footsteps with whom I walked a long journey for many years. 
I was their teacher and had them for five full great years. I was lucky enough to see how they transformed from children into young adults and I owe them a lot.

It was a class of more than twenty students who acted like one body. They were bonded and thirsty to learn. They made me believe in the limitless abilities of human beings and with them I figured out that impossible was nothing. Whatever project we started together they excelled in it beyond limits. 

I used to teach them twice a week. My lessons with them were feasts to my heart, I would spend long time reading and planning to be up to them and to pay them back the happiness they poured in my heart by making the class a fulfilling learning experience for them. With them I felt challenged and I evolved as an educator due to their passion to take learning into the outer world, benefiting with it their communities and mankind. 

Whenever I reflect on my life I feel grateful to them for the joy I had tasted. Every time I miss them and long to the old gold days I remind myself that I was honoured and blessed enough to have them for five golden years. 
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5 thoughts on “The Footsteps That Paved My Path – Footstep 7

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