The Footsteps That Paved My Path – Footstep 6

One of the things I like to learn from is the Mastery Sessions for Robin Sharma in which he repeatedly empathises on the importance of having a mentor. In September 1999 my journey on the path of education started. I got hired as an assistant for an English teacher who had an excellent reputation that parents would insist to enrol their children in her class.
She was tall, elegant, decent and calm. Introducing me to her, she welcomed me with a warm smile and led me to the classroom. During the lunch break of her kindergarten students, she took me few steps away from them and asked me if I had children. I answered that I had one son called Farouk. She replied while looking at the little ones chewing their food: “Look at these children. They are all Farouk.” 
The parents of these little ones were hoping to have their children in her class knowing how her English accent was perfect and how she disciplined her students. What they didn’t know was how she looked at each one of them. They weren’t students taught by a teacher, they were innocent souls lovingly watered by a nurturer. And for me, I wasn’t just learning about teaching, I was mentored and guided on how to be an educator, a mother and a human being. 

I cherish, appreciate, admire and honour the footprint of Mrs. Mona Gadallah on my path. I was truly blessed to have her as my mentor, my friend and my best role model is education.


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