The Footsteps That Paved My Path – Footstep 3

The first time I met her was nearly five years ago. She was blonde, thin and taller than children her age. She was the one in charge of introducing her schoolmates at the beginning of the fun day my year eight students were organising for them. She stood straight and read with enthusiasm the paragraph she had, first in Arabic and then in English. Both in Braille. Every cell in her body reflected excitement. She had a very strong aura and she was hard to be unnoticed. Samia was her name. I approached her after she finished and praised her for her good language skills despite her young age and she interrupted me and said: “I love English and I dream of receiving a scholarship from the AUC (American University in Cairo)!”
This is one of the footsteps I honour on my path. Samia taught me back then the power of dreams and the meaning of being alive. Investigating the story of this poor visually impaired girl, I was told that her mother was her number one supporter. She encouraged her to dream and to live her dream from her childhood, practicing her English and paving for her future, tying her to the magical world of possibilities. 
Thinking of Samia’s mother, I wanted to be this mother in my children’s lives. I was inspired to invite them to dream big, to develop their skills and to work out for their dreams with hope, faith and enthusiasm.


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