The Footsteps That Paved My Path – Footstep 2

​Creativity, what a challenging term. I believe that during my first thirty years on earth I had a mental block with anything related to creativity. In 2005 I applied to an intensive teaching training course. The course was very informative and I was so excited about learning, taking notes and filing the handouts with enthusiasm. 
During one of the sessions the trainer happened to be a colleague who worked at my same school. She turned on the overhead projector, put a shape that looked like a cloud on the top of the screen and another one for a boy on the bottom and started the story by: “The boy was walking and all of a sudden he noticed a shape and…. ” and she stopped. She asked us to start writing our stories, each one as she likes only making sure to have the same intro she shared. 

Witnessing how each one of the participants came out with a different story I was hit. I figured out that we’re all creative human beings and we just need a setting to exhibit our creativity.   
Whenever I practice creative thinking I remember this colleague and feel blessed that I had attended this class and grateful that she awakened the creative side in me. I still joke with her saying that she turned on my button of creativity with this simple activity. She taught me how learning can be fun and how learners can be engaged. She reinforced my belief in the power of storytelling and demonstrated that making the lesson enjoyable could be done with limited materials and limitless passion.  She freed me from my mental limiting thoughts and I try my best to pass what I learned to my students.

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