The Footsteps That Paved My Path – Footstep 1

Though this isn’t the first footstep I recall from my journey of forty years on planet earth, yet it’s from the ones I cherish the most.I was 16 years old and in my final year in high school. During the first two months I used to fail in Maths. It was unbelievable for a student who used to get A in Maths in her previous years, yet the reason was clear. The teacher was new to me as well as her ways of teaching. I found it difficult to understand from her in class and wasn’t able to understand the complicated Maths lessons on my own. 

On a weekday in November 1991, the teacher declared that she will distribute the marked examination papers of the monthly exam and she ordered the class to clap for the students who got high marks. Then she asked the class to be silent and stood up and said that the coming name she will be the one applauding for her, not for her high marks yet for her very good progress. I heard my name followed by applause. I believe this was my first time ever to witness this pattern. 

After this incident I put my heart in Maths and locked my mind on getting the full mark in my final examination. And I did it while the students for whom the class applauded didn’t.

Mme Farid was her name. I will live and die indebted to her. What she did that day didn’t cost her a penny and took maybe a minute from her time. However, it had guided me along my journey since then. I stopped losing hope for not getting the full marks and I started to focus on progress. She taught me that hard work pays off and that if I devote myself to anything and focus on the progress no matter how slow it is, I will definitely achieve my goals.


2 thoughts on “The Footsteps That Paved My Path – Footstep 1

  1. What a wonderful point that teacher made, I’m not surprised it had such an impact on you!
    I was awful at Maths…I was terrified of the teacher and she knew this, using every opportunity she could to sneer at my lack of ability . Yet, in the year I had a kind teacher, I made progress! Great post : ) xx

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