What I Learned From My Mother’s Walks Not Talks #Walk 15

Watching one of Robin Sharma’s Mastery Sessions I felt impressed. Sharing the 5 top lessons for leaders he had learned from his mentors made me admire my mother more. Though she quit her job thirty years ago she lived her life as a leader, a role model and a great source of inspiration for people around her. ‘Run your own race’, the first lesson Sharma shared, my mother did it with excellence. Devoting herself for her family didn’t catch her from taking care of herself. She was always well dressed and in good body shape though getting pregnant many times. She took care of her mind, her social relationships and her spiritual side. 

‘Be eccentric’, his second lesson, she modelled it to the best she could. She had her own habits in studying for us, her routines to discipline us and her high value system. 

‘Be deep vs light’, the third lesson, was reflected in the way she dealt with life events, especially the ones she didn’t expect or didn’t like. She was a great example in how a person see things correctly and turns lemon into lemonade. 

‘Stand for world class standards’, the fourth lesson, was obvious in all her walks. She was a perfectionist and accepted nothing to be done in average quality. Whatever she did she put her heart in it and she ran her duties with mastery. She would spend hours to feed her grandchildren, singing for them and entertaining them, turning the meal for the toddlers into an enjoyable activity. 

His last lesson; ‘Be kind’, perfectly describes her. Whether by her words or her actions, she set a phenomenal example of kindness and compassion. She would call the cook after a party to thank him for his effort and delicious cooking. She would insist to serve food for the helps before she eats and make sure to serve them generously. She would buy a fan in summer and blankets in winter for the porter. 

Ending my series of ‘What I Learned From My Mother’s Walks Not Talks’, I admit that she had put her best every single day to model how a great human being could be. Though her walks were very inspiring, I still struggle to adopt them all. I try to act them out as much as I can and I try harder to embed them in my children so that they pass them in the future to their children too. My mother was never a normal lady, she is a great leader and inspirer who’s leaving a legacy with her unique walks. 
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