What I Learned From My Mother’s Walks Not Talks #Walk 14

Preparing for me my trousseau my mother did unbelievable effort in a very short period of time. I got engaged and in six months I got married. During these months my mother and I spent time together more than usual, looking for furniture, fabrics and every single detail needed for the house of the bride. 
As a bride in my twenties I had minimal experience in such stuff. My mother almost scanned all shops and stores in our city before buying anything. Durable was her first criterion. She insisted to check that anything we will buy will be in best quality and price. 

Though almost two decades had passed since then, my mother still do the same. She would get a list with the shops and their numbers and call them to check all details and decide the best option and then hit the store to buy it. She does it with proficiency, devotion and passion. 
From this walk I learned that with same amount of money one can buy a lot more by checking offers. I figured that the price we pay in goods must be relevant to the durability and usage. I learned that passion always remain the same while practicing it might change depending on one’s circumstances. And most of all I comprehended that being stressed in time must not be an excuse to lower our standards. 
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