What I Learned From My Mother’s Walks Not Talks #Walk 12

I hate cooking, I dislike kitchen work and I prefer any other home chores rather than cooking. When my children got enrolled in school I started preparing them lunch boxes and I still do even that my son became a university student. When my children turned into teens some of my colleagues advised me to stop preparing snacks for my children and let them do this task themselves. Though my son and daughter are responsible and independent in many areas of their lives yet when it comes to their lunch boxes I insist to do them myself. 
Thinking of my mother’s walks it was easy to relate my attachment to this chore. Food was a love language that my mother practiced for many years. When her close uncle got severely sick she used to cook him herself his favourite dishes and go feed him in his mouth. In feasts, despite her old age, she refuses to hire cooks and insists to cook for us our favourite yummy dishes. In my primary years I was underweight and she used to prepare me food for school and insist that I eat what she serves me at home to be in good health when I grow up. 
From my mother’s walk I figured out that love is very different than what I watched in movies. I learned that love is a verb. I comprehended that people can happily do what they dislike when they do it out of love. I recognised how food can nurture our beloved ones when they are sick if it’s prepared with love and how it can help them heal. The sad part is that I still hate cooking. Yet when I prepare lunch boxes for my family members, their breakfast or their dinner I do it with love and I tell them that this food was prepared with genuine love. I use it to fuel them emotionally not only to nurture them physically. 
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