What I Learned From My Mother’s Walks Not Talks #Walk 11

My mother got married in her first year of university. Though being married and giving birth to my two eldest sisters, she insisted to continue her education, trying her best to excel in her studies. 
Years later she started working. Busy with my sisters, my father and me, she limited her working hours as a professor for college students to ensure being at home before we return from school. When I turned eight my mother started pursuing her dream of getting her Masters degree. Months later she got pregnant, which was neither planned nor expected especially that she was almost forty years old and already had three daughters. Few weeks later my mother quit both her job and her masters and freed herself completely for the baby and us.
Though thirty years had passed since this event, I find my mother one of the most intellectual persons I know. Quitting her job and her masters didn’t catch her from nurturing her mind and keeping herself aware of the world around her. She reads daily and watches informative and valuable TV programs. Every time we meet she has something useful to share.
 My mother never complained that her family caught her from fulfilling her dream. And from her walk she taught us many valuable lessons. She was able to put first things first like the effective people Stephen Covey talk about in his 7 habits book. She never played the victim leaving her brain to rotten and blaming fate or circumstances. She modelled how a person can live as an independent life longer learner. Her thirst for learning was contagious to me and my youngest sister; the unexpected baby.
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