What I Learned From My Mother’s Walks Not Talks #Walk 10

Commitment is the thing people commend me the most for. Whether in my work, my personal life or my passion, people always praise me for being committed. 
My daughter, in her primary years, needed lots of help from my part to create for her work routines, to help her organise her working environment and to train her to become independent. It took me months to see some progress and years to turn her into an independent learner. 
Reflecting on myself as a parent I remembered my mother who had devoted herself to help us, her daughters to improve academically. In my school years I was always an average student except for Maths in which I excelled. Yet in all other subjects I used to get a B and few times a C. I would go home after my demanding school days to find my mother preparing for me exercises and worksheets to practice my lessons. Though having already worksheets and tons of homework given to me by my teachers, she never found them enough. I was enrolled in a French school and there weren’t any external books available back then in French. My mother would buy external books in English and Arabic and translate them to French to prepare for me the extra worksheets. As a child, working more than any of my classmates, practicing and studying frustrated me. I used to complain from my mother for suffocating me with studying and working that much. 
Connecting the dots lately I related my mother’s walk to mine. What she did with me in my childhood wasn’t about subjects, grades or results. It was way more profound. She was embedding in me values, developing my attitudes, stretching my abilities and shaping my character. Her walk taught me to do my best whether as a student, an employee or a mother. It developed my endurance and made me persistent. From her walk I learned that I should keep doing my best even if I don’t witness prompt results. I comprehended that it might take children decades to practice what they were taught. I figured out that what we teach to children never goes in vain. And most of all I believe that this walk made me the committed person people praise and commend. Her walk was a great inspiration in commitment and parental love. 
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