What I Learned From My Mother’s Walks Not Talks #Walk 6

Since I was a child I used to hear people commenting on my mother. ‘Coquette’ and ‘à quatres épingles’ were the adjectives most commonly used to describe her by her family and friends. Her interest in fashion grew with her since her early adulthood. And marrying a famous surgeon had put her under the spot lights; a beautiful young lady, from a respected family, well educated and always well dressed from head to toe. She looked like models with her fashionable outfits and shaped body.

Walking with her one day in the narrow streets of a poor district in our city, I noticed how her outfit was totally different than what she’s used to wear. If anyone had seen her he would have mistaken her for a person from a very modest social standard and who had limited resources. 

Observing how she walked in humbleness, how modestly she was dressed, I learnt my lesson on what to wear when and where. From her walk I learnt that human beings must respect people’s feelings and that compassion is an attitude and a personal mindset. I learned that not only my words can hurt the less fortunate people yet even my outfits could hurt. 

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