What I Learned From My Mother’s Walks Not Talks #Walk 5

When I was a little girl my mother subscribed for me in a weekly magazine that I used to receive at home. It had comics and a section for mental games. When I turned into preteen, she encouraged me to get something suitable for my age. I started reading a series for 5 teenagers who did adventures and I found it very interesting with the mysteries and the challenges they faced. During one of our summer vacations I developed a sort of addiction to this series. I would buy a book and put it down only when I’m done with it and this would happen on the same day. The next day I would go ask my mother for money to buy another book. My mother, noticing how I was passionate about reading this series, explained that it will be out of budget to buy a book per day. Then she proposed for me a deal.

The next day, with my eleven years old and my bicycle, I went to the person in charge of the book kiosk and communicated what my mother suggested. Hearing him declaring that: “If you bring the book the very next day nearly in its same condition; neat and clean, I will exchange it for you and you pay only half the price of the next one.” 

I cycled home with a rocking heart and a wide smile. I spent this summer exchanging books after devouring their contents. I read the complete series and heard from my mother comments on how my imaginative skills developed.

I keep studying this particular walk for my mother from time to time and I feel so grateful for what she did. In a very smart way she wired me to books and gradually made me enjoy reading from my early years. She kept me busy instead of complaining from boredom during this summer in which I had no company my age. She succeeded to let me, the shy unconfident child back then, communicate with strangers and make deals. She taught me how to handle books carefully and keep them clean. I learned the concept of budget and how to get what I want with better offers. She taught me to be responsible, committed and to keep my words. No need to mention that reading became my number one hobby especially that my mind got conditioned that books are sources of happiness and good feelings about myself. It took my mother a walk and a little talk to affect my life for a lifetime as I do believe that my addiction to reading books is one of the main secrets behind my success in any area of my life whether personal or professional.
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