What I Learned From My Mother’s Walks Not Talks #Walk 4

“Oh Iman, how thoughtful you are!”, one of my colleagues told me one day. Back then I wasn’t really familiar with this word. Temped, I checked it in the dictionary and figured out its meaning. 
Reflecting on this word of ‘thoughtfulness’ which I acted out without hearing of it before, I easily related it to my mother’s walks. She’s by far one of the most thoughtful persons anyone can encounter. She pays attention to little details and invest all opportunities to put deposits of love in the accounts of the people she knows whether they are family, friends or just acquaintances. If she hears me saying that I like a certain type of food, she cooks it and send it to me. If I like sweets from hers she would buy packs and send them to me. If she hears that one of my friends whom she doesn’t know is interested in something that she can afford or that she has she would send it to her. She’s one of a kind in thoughtfulness, reaching with her kindness all the people she knows and even ones she never met.

My mother taught me from her walks to love others, to pay attention to what matters to people, to care, to share, to feel happy while giving and to invest all possible chances to practice thoughtfulness. I’m still trying to practice this walk hoping to follow her footsteps. 
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