What I Learned From My Mother’s Walks Not Talks #Walk 1

One day my mother went out shopping and I was in her company when my eyes caught sight of an amazing pink heart-shaped doll house. It was medium sized with miniature dolls and furniture. It could be stored closed and could be carried like a bag. I fell in love with it from first sight and my mother noticed how I stood in front of it like a statue. On our way home she told me that we can make a deal. The holy month of Ramadan was about to start. She said that in order to have this doll house I must fast the whole month. I was nine years old and had never fasted for one complete day. In my previous years I would fast till the afternoon but I found it hard to fast till sunset. Now I was asked to fast not only till sunset, but every single day for a month. It was a tough deal. 

With the passing days my attachment to the doll house increased. Deciding to give it a try I started with one day as a trial and ended up fasting twenty nine days in a row and my mother got me the doll house as per our deal.

This doll house was one of the most precious toys to my heart. I had earned it and this made me treasure it. My mother didn’t talk to me about patience. She never asked me to take good care of this house. She didn’t speak about persistent and self-discipline. She just created for me the setting and made me learn myself, by experience, these profound values and develop positive attitudes. She made me feel good about myself in this experience, and she made me believe than I can reach my dream by walking towards it only one step a day. 

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