How Turning Mute Made Me Better Not Bitter #Lesson 30

I was wondering why it took me so long to identify the lessons I had learned from my experience with losing my voice when I read this sentence for Joseph Pierce Farrell: “We are vibrating molecular beings whose entire physical composition changes every seven years.”Losing my voice took place seven years ago. It seems that in order to go through such an entire change, I needed to reflect on the whole experience, put it into writing and share it with people. 

And though the experience taught me valuable lessons, yet many of them I didn’t figure out at once. And some lessons I still train myself to adopt. 

Ending up this series of articles in which I shared the life lessons I learned from the most painful experience I went through in my forty years on this earth, I intend to share now the most profound lesson I had learned; ‘To trust the universe’. Everything happens for a reason and nothing is random. The main problem is that we tend to dwell into the events instead of getting their meanings and their values. Hadn’t I lost my voice I might have been still living lost without my personal mission statement which I consider my compass in this life. Losing my voice bonded me with my family and my best friend. It made me see myself from a different angel. It helped me become more alive and more grateful to what I have. It made me see my husband as a companion. This hardship taught me to trust the universe and to accept what happens, having faith that it happens for my mere good, even if my logic tells me the opposite. It taught me to accept the events as they are as this is the way the universe wants them to happen in the best timing and the best way. It taught me to surrender faithfully to fate while expressing both my trust and my gratitude. 
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