How Turning Mute Made Me Better Not Bitter #Lesson 29

Though the experience of living voiceless took place in October 2009, it never seized to teach me valuable life lessons. Three years after the sickness leave I had requested to rest my voice and it was still vibrating. Though I had completed a couple of voice therapy courses and committed to using the microphone in class and was very meticulous with the doctor’s restrictions, it remained unstable. I tried to train myself to accept the fact that I have a permanent problem with my voice and that I must be very careful with it as the more I get older the more it’s expected to get weaker. Then one day during a family gathering one of my husband’s cousins heard about my case and she persuaded my husband to seek a second opinion. “This doctor is a genius,” she assured us. 

As usual, my mother and my husband carried my burden and took me for a check up to this genius doctor who asked me to speak as much as I can non stop. He asked me then to bring him a 3D laryngoscopy and on my second visit to his clinic, he shared his opinion. 

Shocked with what I heard I didn’t know what to say or how to react. Three years of wrong diagnosis, wrong treatment and wrong training for my vocal cords. It was unbelievable. My first doctor was a very experienced and famous one. How do I believe that he wrongly diagnosed my case?  

In few weeks I had a third opinion. The last two doctors agreed on the same case. An operation is what I needed back then in October 2009. And because I spent three years with wrong treatment and therapy sessions, I had to go for a new vocal cords therapy as the years had weakened my cords.

This was a tough lesson. One that is carved on my DNA. Always take a second opinion. People do mistakes. Human aren’t machines and even machines mess up sometimes. Don’t count on someone because he’s an expert or famous. No matter what we reach in life we can screw up. 
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