How Turning Mute Made Me Better Not Bitter #Lesson 28

The experience of living mute repetitively for weeks not only taught me to put my problems into perspective, it taught me as well to put my blessings into perspective. On most days I wake up having my senses functioning well and my body parts in good condition. On few days I wake up with headache or pain in my back. Before my voice problem, when waking up with pain, I used to magnify it and live my day focusing on it and complaining. Yet after living voiceless for weeks, I learned to celebrate every single day, whether I wake up with pain or not. If I’m in pain, I feel grateful that it’s only limited to an organ and that I’m capable of living and moving independently. And if I am painless, I start looking from my window to the sky, the clouds, the trees and the birds. I look to cherish my sight, to precious the fact that I woke up able to see. I look at my children’s faces and feel blessed that I’m able to see them growing day after day. I hear their talks and feel thankful that I can hear their voices and can comprehend what they are saying. Turning mute made me more aware of my senses and the miracle called life. Everyday for me while being fit became a feast and every sense became a gift disposed to me which I value and try to use to the best I can knowing that it could be taken from me at any given moment.  
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