How Turning Mute Made Me Better Not Bitter #Lesson 26

Terminating my sickness leave, my life went back to normal. Only from the outside. Colleagues dealt with me as if I was the same person who left her job to rest her voice weeks ago. And friends welcomed me back to my normal life, one charged with social activities. And though I acted out as if I’m the same person from the surface, deep inside me I was a different one.The whole experience of living mute, staying isolated from people and feeling disabled while doing my simple weekly chores, coated me with a new understanding of life. I learned to stop over crying little problems. Before this experience I used to get angry more often. From the traffic, from not finding a place to park my car, from the long queue in the supermarket. Yet after my personal experience with muteness the focus of my eyes got adjusted. I learned to focus on the blessings and to give the things that annoy me the appropriate weight. I learned to put my problems into perspective. 
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