How Turning Mute Made Me Better Not Bitter #Lesson 24

When my husband forced me to take a sickness leave to rest my voice I was so mad at him. Knowing him as a civilised man left me puzzled, wondering how could a civilised person force his partner on something. Weeks passed with no real progress in my voice. One evening my husband discussed my status with one of his friends who used to give our children piano lessons. It turned out that his friend, who is a professor at the Music Institution, gives vocal lessons for professional singers. He suggested that I take a course with him to strengthen my vocal cords and he promised that the results are guaranteed. As usual, I resisted. Bored from my previous experience with voice therapy and its poor results I refused. My husband kept encouraging me to give it a try and he announced that not only he would accompany me this time, yet he will do the vocal exercises as well.

On my first lesson I saw my spouse with a total new lens. The person who forced me to stay home for my voice was standing in front of me repeating after the professor the sounds while wearing a smile on his face and with his eyes shining with hope, compassion and love. I still recall this moment. I felt as if a part of my heart was unlocked, I tasted a new level of love and care that I had never tasted before. Seeing how he stood up for me and the effort he exerted to help me restore my voice I felt blessed. I learned from him the real meaning of companionship. I comprehended the concept of sharing from a different perspective. I learned how a husband can be a friend, a father and a guarding angel. 
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