How Turning Mute Made Me Better Not Bitter #Lesson 23

After spending weeks avoiding people during my sickness leave to rest my voice I started to miss my old life. I wasn’t used to spend longs hours home alone, I used to hang out and to do my chores myself. I used to go shopping and was kind of a shopping addict. Yet going out alone while being mute wasn’t an option for me at first. I waited for a family member or a friend to accompany me and went out only in urgent matters. I am not sure if it was my feelings of embarrassment that I am mute, was it shame or only my feeling of being disabled. However, after some weeks I longed to live independently and to carry my life normally.
One evening I decided to go shopping on my own and took with me my copybook and a pen just in case I needed to communicate with people. In one of the stores I visited I needed help. I approached one of the staff and wrote her that I have acute inflammation in my vocal cards and hence I can’t speak and followed this info with the help I needed. The girl’s eyes shone with empathy and care. In few moments she got me the size I needed and assisted me till I was done with my shopping. 

Going home this night I fell more in love with people. I learned that human beings were born with reservoirs of love, kindness, care and compassion. The only problem is that the ones in need don’t truly ask for help or express their needs. Hadn’t I asked for help and explained my case I would have returned home frustrated and angry. Yet just communicating myself on a paper to a stranger left me feeling cared for. I learned that I must communicate my needs and my circumstances instead of expecting from people to guess them. 
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