How Turning Mute Made Me Better Not Bitter #Lesson 22

During the weeks I spent workless I coached myself. Back then I wasn’t familiar to the idea of coaching. It wasn’t yet common in my community. Later, when I started reading books on self-help and coaching I discovered that what I did is called coaching.During my sickness leave I lived mute and spent more time with myself avoiding people. I had new companions that lived within me. One of them was fear. Fear became a close friend. I feared to lose my voice again, and honestly I still carry a grain of this fear. But most importantly, I feared to lose anything at any given moment. I feared to lose a family member, I feared to lose my house in fire, I feared to lose my job. The idea of waking up voiceless hit me with the fact that anyone can lose anything at any given moment for no logical reason. 

Writing my feelings in my journal, it became obvious that my fear was growing and that I had to do something about it. Searching in a bookstore I found the book of ‘Stop worrying and start living’. I devoured its pages and quoted some of its powerful sentences. Every time I caught a fearful thought I repeated one of the quotes I memorised. Gradually fear faded on the pages of my journal and I realised that I adopted a different mindset, a paradigm shift. Instead of living in constant fear of losing anyone or anything I treasured, I started to feel grateful every single day for their existence. I decided to try the best I can to enjoy their presence, making memories and being present in the moment. I learned to accept the bitter fact that no one and nothing will last forever and it made me cherish my blessings and honour them daily. 
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