How Turning Mute Made Me Better Not Bitter #Lesson 10

After passing the three weeks of muteness I insisted to act strong. This was only from the outside. While from the inside I was so vulnerable, I felt scared and broken. Waking up to find myself voiceless made me comprehend how we, as human beings, are so weak. How what we own isn’t truly ours as it can be snatched all of a sudden. I experienced how a person can lose his most valuable asset in a blink of an eye. And how this can turn his life upside down. I understood this by practice and I felt broke. 

To be humble was the profound lesson that I learned from those feelings. I figured out that whatever I owned I didn’t really own, it was only deposited to me to use it and it could be taken away at any time. I realised that I actually possess nothing in this life. All what I can do is to use whatever was given to me to the best I can. And what I can truly carry from this life is the way I had touched people’s lives and how I would remain alive in their hearts. 
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