How Turning Mute Made Me Better Not Bitter #Lesson 3 

During the first weeks of my life as a mute person, my little family was the one who got affected the most. In addition to not being able to communicate and to manage my life as good as I used to, I was emotionally devastated. And it was my family who lifted me up. My mother, my sisters, my husband and my kids, they synergised forming a support team. Each one, upon his age, potentials and abilities played a role in helping me embarking to the other side of life; becoming emotionally and physically fit again. And each one didn’t help me in his spare time, yet he spared time to help me, putting me as a ‘priority’. 

The way they rearranged their lives to help me, and being ready to support me in any possible way just to see me fit again, touched me deeply. And I got one of the most important lessons of my life. “Family isn’t an important thing, family is the most important thing”. No matter how different each one of us was, how many times we argued or disagreed, we were bonded with chains of genuine care and love. In my hardship I figured out the infinite love each one of them carried for me, sacrificing his comfort just to see me strong and alive again. 

Family comes first and we should never sacrifice what matters the most.

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