5 Ways To Become More Alive 

The most painful experience I ever had in my life was turning mute. With an acute problem in my vocal cords, my perception of life changed permanently. I had heard before turning ill the idea of not being able to understand how people feel unless we walk in their shoes. Though I thought I understood this concept, I was mistaken. Living the life of mute with all its tiny details, defeats, struggles, failures, challenges and agony tainted my cells with compassion. As if new lenses got attached to my eyes. I started to look with respect at every person with a physical disability and who was still showing up to the world and carrying his duty. And I started to appreciate my senses, something I took for granted for almost all my life before my health problem. I started to slow my pace and receive life events differently. Instead of cursing the traffic I started to observe the sky and the clouds, appreciating my sight and the traffic jam for giving me a break to notice beauty around me. 

Instead of cursing the plates in my sink, I felt grateful for being able to feel the water on my skin.

Instead of complaining from my kids’ chitchats, I appreciated being able to hear their voices.

Instead of complaining from gaining weight easily, I learned to appreciate the different tastes of fruits, the kiwi with its sourness and the mango with its sweetness. 

Instead of feeling overwhelmed at work, I started to get myself flowers every week to smell them on my hard days and remind myself that I am fit, I have my senses and most of all I am alive. 

Are we alive or just striving to get through our days? Do we truly have to be deprived from our blessings to start appreciating them? 

Celebrate your senses, and if you can speak, communicate yourself to the best you can. You will never understand what turning mute means unless you personally walk it. And I sincerely hope you never experience it. 


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