The One Tactic To Avoid Spreading Emotional Cancer

What do you bring to the table? Is it poison or treats?Being currently on my summer vacation, I happen to go out frequently. Whether being on the beach, at a restaurant or in a cinema, I happen to overhear people’s conversations. And what I hear is truly alarming. Unfortunately many people are suffering from emotional cancer. They are either complaining, criticising, comparing or competing. Their talks mainly focus on complaints and it’s obvious how contagious it is. It takes one person to start complaining and then all the rest compete to show that their lives are awful too. 

Though my mother is in her seventies, one of the things I truly admire in her is her intellectual mind. Every time she meets people she brings with her emotional treats. Whether it’s an information from Dr. Oz program, a quote from Oprah, motivational lines from a newspaper, tips on parenting that she read. To protect herself from catching emotional cancer, she has 3 mantras that she repeats whenever people try to poison the air:

1- People are free

2- We must mind our own business 

3- I don’t interfere or ask as I don’t like to invade people’s privacy
Try to prepare some treats ahead to take with you next time you’re engaging with people and make sure not to be a toxic person. 

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