10 Questions To Rule Your Life 

Who’s ruling your life right now? Is it your job, your children’s demands, your materialistic needs, your parents, your community traditions? Who’s ruling it?Watching the video of Michael Phelps of ‘Rule Yourself’, this question echoed in my mind. The video showed the various routines the Olympics swimmer does just to be prepared for his performance. Not only he practices and get trained to become a world champ, yet he structures all his life to drive him to his goal. 

One of the common insights I found in books for great authors and successful world class heroes was the way they started their days. Instead of setting their alarms to wake up and directly engage with the outer world, they spent time in solitude tuning their days first.

Allocating 10-20 minutes as soon as we wake up and before we engage with other people helps us over time to rule our lives. In these few minutes, we need to make sure to answer 10 questions, and it would better to write the answers in our journals.

1- What are the tasks I have to accomplish during this day?

2- Why do I have to accomplish these tasks?

3- What are the values will I be demonstrating while working on these tasks?

4- What will my body need to be able to accomplish these tasks effectively?

5- What are the tricks I will use to accomplish my tasks while keeping my spirit high?

6- What are the possible opportunities to serve someone else or show an act of kindness?

7- What are the actions I can take to let my day count in the story of my life?

8- What will I learn in 5-10 minutes today to help me develop in my personal or professional life?

9- What’s the name of the one person I will contact today to water our relationship?

10- What is the one reward I will offer myself at the end of the day for accomplishing my daily tasks?
To become the rulers of our lives, we need to accept that it won’t happen over a night, it will require from us some practices at the beginning and the end of our days. Little by little we will become the rulers of our own kingdoms. 

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