5 Main Secrets To Become A World Champ 

Are you to be considered a good citizen in your country and worldwide? I asked this question few weeks ago, yet with the overload of news on media channels, I couldn’t catch myself from repeating the same question again. Are we good citizens? Though I am not into sports, the Olympics news succeeded to grab my attention. A photograph of one Egyptian girl holding her medal and smiling froze me. Looking into her eyes, my tears rolled down. I found myself feeling her pain, her struggles, her worries, the many times she was defeated and the many times she stood up high. Why? ‘Why putting all this effort?’ was the question that overtook me for sometime after my heart was taken by this girl. Why some people are capable of making it to the Olympics while others not? Why some people are able to persist and persevere and walk the path till they reach the summit of championship while others surrender after the very first steps. Why? My question isn’t only about sports, it’s about every field in life. Why some people receive Nobel prizes and others not, while some contribute to humanity with discoveries or inventions and others not. There are 5 secrets behind that:

1- They do it for a higher purpose.

Champions don’t do what they do for their ego. They do it for a cause bigger than themselves. They want to make their parents proud, to well represent their countries, to elevate the lives of others…etc

2- They seriously pay the price. 

They know that to reach the top they have to work hard, to practice continuously, to stretch their abilities, to increase their endurance, to sacrifice their rest, to overcome their needs, to live selflessly..etc

3- They are prepared to lose.

They know that they will be defeated, over and over again and this energises them to work harder and give more. They focus on their progress; better scores and little successes over time. 

4- They have one clear goal.

They are focused. They devote their time, their efforts and all their resources for their goal. They don’t get distracted by temptations.

5- They don’t surrender to pressure.

They know their goals and pursue them. They don’t listen to naysayers and they don’t allow anyone to sketch their dreams or shape their futures. They live their own lives with passion.

Are you a good citizen? Each one of us was created for a reason and each one of us is expected to be a champ in his field, for the best of his family, his country and the world. 

Watch the news of the 37 Egyptian females who made it to the Olympics at:


Watch the video of Egypt’s synchronised swimming team at:

‎Egypt‬’s Synchronized Swimming Team Yefta7o Elnefs Big Time


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