The Power of 5 Minutes

If you were invited to write a list with the tasks you can accomplish in just five minutes, how many points would it include?
Yesterday I decided to take a walk on the beach. After few steps I was fascinated. The sun was in clear yellow and high in the sky, the waves were energetic and the clouds were regrouping together as if being on a date. Focusing my sight on the waves, I admired their energy and found them very inspiring. I thought of us, as human beings, and how badly we need self-renewal, especially in our crazy-busy era. Despite the importance of self-maintenance, many of us mistakenly think that it requires a fortune or long durations. While from real practice, I assure you that in five minutes we can renew ourselves, sharpen our saws, regain our peace in mind, adopt better attitudes and shift our days. I encourage you to try yourself one of these practices for self-renewal:
1- 5 minutes with your soul.
Contemplating nature, repeating a mantra or praying for a troubled friend.
2- 5 minutes with your heart.
Laughing with your kids, doodling, listen to music.
3- 5 minutes with you brain.
Reading an article, quotes on your number one value, listening to a podcast or watching an informative video.
4- 5 minutes with your body.
Walking in nature, cycling or push ups.
5- 5 minutes with your holistic self.
Expressing self-admiration to your tiny little progresses. Laughing at your worries that weren’t true or daydreaming.
Gift yourself 5 minutes of your day and amaze yourself with their impact.


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