7 Steps To Successfuly Accomplish New Tasks

Do you find it hard to step out of your comfort zone? Does it seem scary out there? Well, it isn’t at it seems. I have read before that our imagination keeps feeding our fear till we get to believe that things are terrifying while they aren’t.
Reflecting on the changes that took place in my life the past year since I set up my mind to write my first novel, it was obvious that a new life started to unfold the moment I stepped out of my comfort zone. Though I felt fearful, worried, anxious and sometimes even scared, I had decided to give it a try even if the end result will be a failure from people’s perspective. I convinced myself that my own challenge was to give it a try, and only giving it a try would be the real success for me.
During my journey to become a writer, a novelist and a public speaker in addition to my full-time job as an educator, I figured out that every time I successfully accomplished a new task that I never did before, I went through 7 steps:

1- Rejection and resentment.

Many of us fear trying new things. These are natural feelings that we shouldn’t ignore or resist. We should embrace those feelings first before moving to the next step.

2- Logic and reasoning. 

Thinking of the advantages and disadvantages of trying the new task. It would be even better to put it into writing and consider the whole picture. Your heart will urge you to take the right decision.

3- Watching examples.

 Whether on YouTube, on blogs or in real life. Starting something new from scratch is truly hard. While observing other models, of the end products or tasks, gives us general guidelines of what we are expected to do.

4- Discuss with experts.

Being social creatures by nature, talking with people who’ve walked the path before us calms us and allows us to discuss our worries and our limitations while benefiting from their experience.

5- Gather information.

While producing my first book trailer I was amazed at the large amount of data I found on the Internet. Numerous sources are out there to explain step by step how to accomplish any task. Collect useful data, read, summarise and identify the main points you personally can use in your task.

6- Give it a try.

Put the task into action, do it. And don’t expect from yourself to come out with a perfect outcome. This is your first trial and there will be always room for improvement even when you become an expert. 

7- Collect feedback.

Ask your trustees for their constructive feedback after clarifying that this is your first trial. Take notes with their comments. Read the notes and highlight the ones you will apply. Do it and you’re done.

Life out of the comfort zone is amazing, make sure not to miss it. You have the power, like anyone else, to do great things that benefit the world. Play big. 


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