The Best Investment For Your Money

How much money do you spend per month in average? And how much of this sum do you allocate to your personal – not professional – development? The sad truth is, most of us still don’t believe in the importance of developing himself as a person – not as an employee – or how it’s the real – and maybe the best- investment for his money. 

Today while preparing my morning coffee I broke a glass by mistake. Cleaning up the tiny crystal pieces I froze. The woman holding the broom was new to me. I wasn’t cursing, complaining, upset, angry or irritated. I caught myself in peace, emotionally and mentally. Reflecting on what happened and how I dealt with the matter. I found out that I paused for a very short moment, repeated my mantra, grabbed the broom and started to clean up. As simple as it sounds, I consider it a real progress. In other times I would have cursed the glass and the day and would have felt irritated for many hours afterwards, repeating to myself that ‘it’s a bad day’.

The incident reminded me with a workshop on ‘Mindful Living’ I had attended months ago. Though I had considered it quite expensive, I enrolled in it hoping to learn how to live in the present moment. And though I didn’t feel its value promptly, I can say today that it was worth every pound I had paid. What I learned in it helped me save my time, my energy and my peace in mind in several events, just applying some of the techniques I was taught. This was a real investment as long as time is considered the most valuable thing a person possesses. 

How much do we spend to learn how to ‘live’, not to learn how to ‘earn a living’? And why do we find it normal to spend large sums to get a degree or become certified, while resisting to pay smaller amounts in our development as human beings?

Learning how to live is one of the disciplines I wish people start to learn at school from their early years of childhood. 


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