How To Exhale Your Fear In One Step

To which extent do you think that movies can change people’s lives? Books, workshops, seminars, webinars, conferences, videos, podcasts, biographies and nature are all great sources for learning and development, same as movies. Sometimes one good film can inspire us profoundly and transforms our life. The ‘Yes Man’, though I consider it a light movie, I find it very deep. I personally had lived it but on a limited scale.Years ago, when my husband started biking, he invited me to join him. I considered him crazy at first, not only because a female driving a bike isn’t familiar at all in the Egyptian community, yet because I wasn’t a risk-taker. Me driving a bike? No way! 

After a couple of months I accepted to start the biking course, intending just to take the course to please him, yet not planning to drive. Life went on and little by little I started to room the crazy roads of Cairo on my bike. It’s true that I try to stay away from the traffic jams but I do drive. Just acting like a ‘Yes woman’ in one situation in my life transformed me. I no longer feel afraid to take risks. On the opposite, I enjoy trying new things as if the layer of fear coating me dissolved the very first day I started biking. I no longer care about what people would say as long as I’m not doing something opposing universal principles or my personal value system. And most of all, I no longer refuse something without trying it. The air I inhale while driving my bike carries freedom, open mindedness, change and growth. 

If you were to say ‘yes’ for one thing you’ve been resisting in your life, what would it be? Act like a ‘yes person’, even once and exhale a part of your fear. 


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