The Manifestation Of Parental Love

Could you recall a situation in which you felt truly loved? Let me take you with this love symphony, not only love story that took place four years ago.
“I promised our daughter to get her a dog on her next birthday,” my husband announced. “What?!” I rebelled. I had had made it clear that I don’t want to have a pet at home and especially a ‘dog’. My daughter, dreaming of having a dog for two years in a row, she begged her father dearly to listen to her wish. Knowing my partner as a man of his word, I knew we were going to get a dog, it became a fact. Angry at his decision, I asked him for explanation. “This is my daughter’s childhood dream. I couldn’t refuse any longer. She had been asking for it for so long. She explained that she wants to have a dog now, not after becoming an adult. And I want to be the one who makes my daughter’s dream come true.” To be honest, his words touched my heart, yet not my mind. I kept questioning who will be in charge of the vet, what about the poops and the hair and the smell…and my daughter’s father was obsessed by one main idea; his daughter’s dream.
In the following months my daughter made extensive research, as ordered my her father, to learn about different breeds, to compare between them and decide on the most suitable against the criteria he had put for her. On his side, he designed a gate for the dog so that it doesn’t have access to our bedrooms, as this was one of my main concerns. He got a dog house and discussed with us the expected responsibilities of the new family member and each one picked the tasks he was ready to handle.
Seeing my daughter tears rolling down on her birthday while hugging her father, I witnessed love on a different level that I had never encountered. “Thank you Papi, I thought I will never ever get a dog,” she cried.
It ended up that I fell in love with the dog to the extent that I consider it one of my children. Every time I look at it I see a growing evidence of compassionate listening and unconditional love.
Unlike all my previous posts, I will not tell you the life lessons I learned from this love symphony. I invite you to tell me in the comments what did my husband teach us all as a family man.


5 thoughts on “The Manifestation Of Parental Love

  1. Oh…beautiful story! Your husband demonstrated something I hold very dear as a parent, especially after the ups and downs of my own childhood. When you are a child, it is the one time you can ever be truly happy and as a parent, it’s a wonderful feeling to know you have made your child’s dream come true- to put their dreams above your own. Great post : )

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  2. The 1st thing I thought of is that selfishness is forbidden.. 2nd thing is that everything in this world is worth a try. He taught u all to be risk takers implementing what we teach our children and what we have to learn, but he made things easier for all members by planning every one’s role.

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