The Six Main Assets People Own In Life

What was the most painful experience you ever had? Mine was turning mute. One day I woke up with no voice at all. Diagnosed with acute inflammation in my vocal cords, I was ordered not to speak a word for three weeks as a start. My family, out of care and concern, urged me to quit my job as a teacher. Considering how I love working with teens and how teaching is one of my passions, my world turned black, I was so angry, felt so weak that I wished to die. “If my voice, which is my most precious asset, had gone, why would I live?” I objected. This bitter experience was one of my best teachers. Feeling lost, I started to question my life purpose. I wrote my personal mission statement and started to think differently. I had lost my voice yes, but I was still alive. I might have a constant problem in my voice yet my voice is only one of my assets. Six years from this event, I no longer wish to die. I wish to be alive for every single day I still have on earth, to serve and to contribute. From this experience, I figured out that to be always capable of making a difference in the world, we must take care of our six most precious assets:

1- Our mind. 

Through learning. Whether by reading, watching, listening. Enriching our minds enriches the world.

2- Our skills.

Developing our skills continuously to serve us in the various stages of our lives. When I lost my voice I had to develop my communication through writing and to adopt new leadership strategies to proceed with the projects I had.

3- Our heart.

By training ourselves to become more compassionate, kind and caring and by watering our relationships. When I was lost, my family and friends were my backbone, they helped me stand up again and have hope.

4- Our soul.

Purifying it from anger, envy, hatred..and all negative feelings. Connecting it with a divine power and ensure it lives in peace. 

5- Our body.

Listening to our body is a key factor in remaining on top of our lives. I had discovered that my body was giving me signals of fatigue and stress and I wasn’t attentive till my vocal cords broke. 

6- Our time.

On top of all, our time is our most precious asset. We must appreciate it, save it, use it wisely and preserve it from waste. 

Our fundamental asset is our life and the days we still have on earth. No matter what, we can use it for the best of humanity.


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