The Four Life Lessons I Learned From Traffic Jams

How often do you curse the darkness and how often do you light candles? Few years ago my partner was seriously upset from the crazy traffic in Cairo – Egypt where we live. The situation was stressing him out and he was truly upset. After few weeks of complaining from the problem, he decided to think differently. “I will buy a Vespa for the centre of town to avoid the jams and the waste of time and energy”, he declared. In few weeks, his Vespa was replaced by a bike and he started to join Bikers groups and communities, making new friends and touring our country, exploring new places and going through new adventures. He no longer complained from traffic and he felt more alive. Observing the way my husband dealt with the problem, I learned four life lessons:

1 – We have the power to turn what we dislike into something wonderful. 

2 – Life rewards the proactive.

3 – Many times problems take place to urge us to get out of our comfort zones and change. 

4 – When we have a problem that is true upsetting us, we must fix it. 

One of my favourite quotes that transformed my life in the past few years is: “Change the changeable, accept the unchangeable and remove yourself from the unacceptable.”


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