The Little Secret To Nurture Your Relationships

It’s unbelievable how little actions, done with love, affect our relationships. In our super busy lives, many of us find it hard to keep healthy relationships. However, all of us can do very little actions of love that won’t take but few minutes, if not seconds, and won’t cost a fortune.  “In relationships, little things are the big things”, as explained by Stephen R. Cover in his timeless book ‘The 7 habits of highly effective people’.  Applying this lesson myself, I had witnessed its profound impact on my relations. Though it was a bit challenging to identify that ‘little thing’ that would mean a big thing for each person in my close circles, yet it was worth it. A flower, a tap on the shoulder, a symbolic gift, a short ‘I miss you’ message on what’s app are ways to put deposits in people’s accounts and nourish our relations.

We all have twenty-four hours and we are all social creatures who need to receive love and who are capable of expressing love. Few minutes a day or even a week can nurture our relationships and make them boom. Little things are ‘the’ big things.


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